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Making A Computer Work To Your Benefit

FITEC Consultants have been providing IT support to small businesses and home users for many years. We offer the dedicated knowledge and support traditionally available to large companies to the smaller operations with no access to an in-house IT department.

Complementing the IT Services, FITEC Consultants have developed two packages aimed at addressing gaps in the market for small businesses. Both packages offer a rapid return on investment in the software by reducing wastage and time to complete tasks whilst enhancing cash flow through the built in Invoicing and Accounts features.

Baker placing loaf in oven

The Bakers Recipe and Invoice System (BRIS) was initially designed for a small bakery but its facilities are equally usefull to any type of food prepatation unit that makes use of recipes, costing data, orders and payment information.

BRIS provides facilities to recipes and the associated costs. Using these master files, a wealth of information can be provided to control need by a small bakery or food preparation unit including production requirements, customer orders, wholesale orders, marketing and shop facilities. It is designed to handle the needs of a retail shop (or shops) plus it has additional features tailored to the requirements to win wholesale / commercial work.

The system provides all the facilities to manage the business whilst improving your company profits. More details of the system designed t save you time and money can be found on this site at Bakers System.

PestFriend Title

PestFriend is a system designed for the pest control industry. It reduces time spent on-site with fully integrated reporting / scheduling / Quote / Invoicing / payment features plus many history reporting facilities.

The system includes many unique features which will improve your profits including Barcoding of pest control devices, Job Work and Contract Invoices, Diary Scheduling (including contract visits) and automatic report email facilites.

The software was developed by FITEC Consultants with marketing of this package via our sister company Friendly Data Solutions Ltd.

A brief overview of PestFriend can be found at PestFriend Overview.

Fuller details of PestFriend (including illustrations of Site Reports, Barcoding, Quotes / Invoices and Scheduling) can be found at

Both systems are provided normally on a rental basis which includes support and future enhancements. The rental model has the great advantages of reducing the initial software costs, keeping us in contact with our customers, getting some great ideas for new enhancements from customers and creating a community of users.

Rental users also benefit from initial IT advice and support - free for simple tasks but may be chargeable for more complex work. Please see the following pages for details of our IT support.




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